Welcome Back Gaffney High School!

Welcome Back Gaffney High School!

Kylie McAllister, Editor-In-Chief

]Welcome Gaffney High Students!

This year has many new changes including a new dress code policy, bell schedule, and grading policy’s.

This years new dress codes policy bans hats or headcoverings from being worn in the school. It also emphasizes that there should be no “skin” showing and all holes in jeans and shorts should be fingertip length.

All major and minor grades that were once 50/50 have now been changed to Major is worth 60% and Minor is worth 40%.

The late bell now rings at 8:10 rather than 8:20. Full bell schedule can be found on the GHS website.

Another announcement is that all I2 classes will be in the auditorium instead of going to the campus for the remainder of the week!

The Indian Post wishes everyone a great week back and hopes that GHS has a great 21-22 school year!

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