Juggling Work and School


Kaylee Reid, Managing Editor

High school can be hard, but juggling work and school can also be hard. During 11th working and having to go to school was easy, I never had a lot of homework that I had to do. The only time I had homework was when I did not finish a class assignment. I normally got done super early and was not worried about it until the next day when I had to turn it in. Going into 12th I was confident in being able to handle work and school. I did not think that I would have homework. After I signed up for college classes I stressed myself out thinking about college, high school and work. When my schedule was switched to my college classes moving from on campus to the high school I was relieved that I would not have to drive back and forth between home, the high school, college campus and work. After the first week of school I realized that I was going to have a lot more homework then I thought. In Math 120 after every lesson there is a homework page to go along with it. When my teacher is done teaching the lesson you get to go home no matter what time it is. You can choose to stay and do the homework or you can go home. In English 101 we have not had as much homework but everything is on you. You can ask teachers for help and guidance but you do not get over time to work on it. When it is due it is due, no extra time. With work I go in soon as I get out of school, luckily my work is 5 minutes or so down the road. I work almost all week long and most weekends I have family plans. Im not saying it’s impossible to not handle work and school but with college classes it’s definitely a challenge. I have to find time to get my schoolwork done. If it’s taking a break from family things to sit down and get it done or letting work know that I need a day off during the week just to get everything done for school. My mom always tells me that school comes first so, if I get overwhelmed with work and school then I quit working and focus only on school. So far I’m doing good, my job works around my school schedule. Everybody I work with also goes to college or have college classes so they understand where I’m at.