School Bullying and It’s Effects on Mental Health

Drake Gunnells, Staff Writer

Many people inside and outside of school  struggle with  depression. This includes myself at some point. But there are many ways to help one another and prevent these struggles from getting worse. Friends, people and counselors that can reach out to youth are influential. 3.9% of the world’s youth and some kids under 12 have depression. Some people  ask how this is happening and why. The main reason is school bullying.  22% of the world population are being bullied around the world. (ACCORDING TO??? WHAT IS YOUR SOURCE OF INFO< THAT WE KNOW THIS IS TRUE)? Just this year, around the world, bullying reaches 245.206 people that have been bullied just this year. (WHERE IS YOUR SOURCE) .But what is not understood by most people is that one does not know what another deals with 365 days out of the year.  People are struggling with drug addiction, overthinking, no self control, family problems and hard living conditions. One theory (ACCORDING TO) child abandonment affects over 7000 young kids a year. This can lead to issues with self love, acceptance and depression. The way to solve this problem is to speak to adults, your parents counselors and family. Or, the people that have the best interest for your health life, your mental physical and emotional help. In conclusion, instead by focusing on winning a world through care and thinking of others by willing to help save a life, we can make a difference.

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