Movie Review: Seaspiracy

Movie Review: Seaspiracy

Kylie McAllister, Staff Writer

Seaspiracy is a documentary that started airing on Netflix on March 24th, 2021. Created by 27 year-old Ali Tabrizi, it exposes the underground and disgusting habits of the fishing industry.

The movie was narrated and is riddled with horrifying statistics that create the ultimate shock factor. It talks about the effects of the fishing industry and the lack of sustainable fishing. A large claim of the movie is that the ocean will be empty by 2048. It also talks about how “dolphin safe” food might not be dolphin safe and there is no guarantee that no dolphin was harmed. When interviewed, a representative of the company Earth Island Institute said that there was no way to know unless a observer is on board and even then they can be bribed. Along with the bribing of observers there has also been a series of murders, missing, and assassinated observers.

Since the release of the documentary, Earth Island Institute has said that the interview was taken out of context and that the allegations are false. They took credit for a supposed 95% decline in dolphin deaths.

The film has faced much criticism but also has been endorsed by celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio.

The documentary has a 8.3/10 rating on IMDb, 75% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 96% approval rate from Google users.

I would recommend the movie to anyone. Despite the allegations that it has faced, it sheds light on some completely sad and true overlooked statistics and experiences. The movie is incredibly informative and is a must watch for anyone and everyone.