It’s Time to Study!

Its Time to Study!

As the school year comes to an end, students and teachers are all getting excited for summer break. The end of the year is always filled with exciting activities, and many fun moments to cherish. Often times, people are so caught up in the excitement they forget what also comes with the end of the year, the thing that all students dread the most, exams. Taking a test is always stressful no matter what time of the year, but the end of the year students begin to give up. However, it is not quite time to give up yet. Students have got to study and do well on these exams!

Towards the middle of the third nine weeks, students begin to give up on their academics. Once they begin to slightly give up, it continues into a downhill spiral. They begin to lose all effort for school, simply because they are stressed and tired and just want summer to begin. The absolute burnout for students happens about a month before school is out. With summer break, and graduation for seniors, being so close students get a little bit too excited for the things to come, that they completely forget about the present. “School is almost over!”, but the exams that determine whether a student will pass or fail in some situations haven’t even began.

End of course exams, class exams, AP exams, dual enrollment finals, and so many other major tests that require all of a students effort are arising very rapidly. Within the next few weeks, students will begin to take these very harsh exams. These exams are all difficult, and require A LOT of studying, and effort that students must put forth. Coach George Duncan, US History teacher at Gaffney High School, states that “Students must study and prepare for the exam.” Coach Duncan’s US History class has a required state EOC, he said that “I have had past students who have graduated from major colleges come back to me and tell me that even throughout all of their college exams the US History EOC was the hardest test they have ever taken by far.” Coach Duncan said that this incident has happened so many times he can not even keep up. He wants his students to study and prepare themselves as much as possible. Coach Duncan is not the only teacher who wants his students to study, all teachers are encourging students to study and do well on these exams. Although students are tired and ready for school to be over, they must push through these last exams for the school year to actually be over. It is time to study and be prepared!