Euphoria Season 2 Finale


Kylie McAllister, Editor-in-Chief

This Sunday at 9 p.m., millions of viewers tuned into HBO Max to watch the eighth episode and season 2 finale of Euphoria. Please be warned that this article contains spoilers for this new episode and this show is rated TV-MA for it’s intense topics.

Rue Bennett, main character and narrator of Euphoria, played by Zendaya

Euphoria is a American adaption of a Israeli show about Rue. Rue is a 17 year old high school drug addict. The show entails her struggle with addiction and the crazy lives of those around her.

Characters like Rue’s friends Cassie and Maddy and their friendship have stirred up a lot of controversy online. Millions of Tik Tok, Instagram, and Twitter users have kept up with the show and have spiraled into crazy theories and has brought the show ten times more traction than season 1.

This episode blew me away and left me speechless. It started out continuing on Episode 7 and character Lexi’s play. Lexi’s play was about the lives of everyone in the show. Many people loved Lexi’s play and her for doing it, they considered it funny and thought it was cute that she was airing out everyone’s business. But unpopular opinion, Lexi exploited her friends, while people like Rue and Maddy were okay with their portrayal, Lexi’s sister, Cassie, was not. Lexi’s play showed some of Cassie’s hardest times in her life, when she was at her lowest and as her sister she should not have showed all of that for people in the audience to laugh at while Cassie watched. I do not like Cassie, I think she has something deeply wrong with her and what happened with her and their father really messed Cassie up. But despite the stuff she has done, she still deserved help and her life should not have been a comedic skit, especially by her sister. Along with exploiting Cassie, Lexi used Rue’s father’s funeral as a important part of her play and while Rue was okay with it, she was in active addiction and her father has just passed. It had been years since his passing and she was still struggling with it and it was just a scene for Lexi. Another important character in the show, Nate, who’s hard life was used as a play scene. Nate was exposed to very intimate things from his father which he admitted in this episode ruined his life and ten years later he is still having nightmares. He has hinted towards his exposure towards his fathers videos making him question his sexuality, but this was simply another act in Lexi’s play. She portrayed him as a closeted gay man, and while this might be right, they mocked his sexuality. Nate is a horrible person, and many people in this show are and that is the point it shows that everyone has a background that is messed up in one way or another and that even the best people do some pretty crappy things, but Nate’s character is pretty much unforgivable, yet somehow director Sam Levinson always finds a way to make you feel bad for him, and his part in the play was definitely one of those times for me.

Lexi’s play “Our Life”

Another important factor to the play, and one of the most important moments in the show for me, was Fez. Fezco is a more than friend type person to Lexi and he is also the local drug dealer who is best friends with Rue and even calls her family earlier in the season. He is one of the main characters and he is also one of the most unproblematic people on the show despite his occupation. He was supposed to attend Lexi’s play and in Episode 7 he is seen getting ready in a suit and tie and has flowers ready to give to Lexi. Fez lives with Faye and Ash. Ashtray was pretty much Fez’s brother. In Episode 1 it shows that Ash was brought in and raised by Fez’s grandma. Once Fez’s grandma was bed ridden and Fez took over the family business and took over taking care of Ash. Ash was his ride or die and has gone as far as to even kill for him. In this episode, Fez’s friend and Faye’s boyfriend Custer admitted to Faye that he was working with the police, this episode he finally was making his last move. He was in on a sting operation and was trying to get Fez to admit that him and Ash killed former drug dealer Mouse. Luckily before anything can be said, Faye drops a cup and hides from Custer and motions to Fez not to talk. Faye then covers for Fez and Ash and blames another drug dealer, Laurie. She tries to pin it on Laurie and while Faye and Custer argue, Ash pulls a knife out of his sleeve and kills Custer. Fez knows Ash messed up and begs him to just surrender and let Fez say he killed Custer but Ash refuses and grabs several guns and locks himself in the bathroom. The police storm in and find Custer’s dead body and see Fez begging Ash to leave the bathroom while holding the bloody knife. A gun fight breaks out soon after Ash fires several shots towards the police and even accidentally shoots Fez in the side. We watch Fez bleed as police and Ash have a shoot-out. The shoot-out ends with Fez watching Ash get shot and killed right in front of him. I was heartbroken. despite theories circulating online I was in denial that they actually killed Ash off of the show. Most everyone is heartbroken that the shows biggest ride or die is dead and I could say the exact same thing.

Red laser on Ashtray’s head.
Fez watching the laser on Ash’s head.

One of the last important things that happens, is Nate’s dad Cal gets arrested. Nate talks to his dad about how he ruined his life and how he is still dealing with what his dad has done and that he has nightmares about his dad. This sad trivial makes Cal profusely apologize. He says he never meant to and while I believe that Cal did not want his son to ever be exposed to what he had been he was the cause of all of Nate’s problems. Nate then says he doesn’t want apologies, he wants revenge and he pulls out a gun. Cal is confused and we then see police lights and sirens and Nate leaves as cops enter and arrest Cal. While I feel bad for both Cal and Nate because toxic masculinity and trauma around their sexualities causes both of them to do very horrible things, Cal deserved to be arrested and hopefully his arrest will stop the inappropriate behavior he had been participating in and hopefully it will help Nate get closure so both him and his dad can move on and become better people.

Nate Jacobs

I cannot wait for next season and while we probably will be waiting around another two years before we see another season, there will definitely be a Season 3 and hopefully we will see lots of character development and some healing for Fez.

Cast of Euphoria