Shon Ponder, Kyra Smith, Staff Writer

On Friday, August 20th, the Vikings of Spartanburg High School went head to head with Gaffney High School’s Indians. In a pregame interview; Coach McHam, a trusted advisor involved in Gaffney athletics, predicted that the Indians would in fact win this game by a comfortable margin. This prediction came from his overall belief in the Indians strong willed defense accompanied by the new hungry offense formed after the class of 2021’s exit. Was this prediction an indicator that Gaffney was too comfortable? Was the Indians in over their head? Only time could tell and tonight was the night…

As the stands filled familiar faces appeared as student sections, cheerleaders and high school bands for either side filled their respected areas. The captains took the field the ball was decided in favor of the Vikings receiving first. As the first quarter went underway the Vikings fell to the Indians who took an early lead scoring a field goal; Indians were not yet done connecting a pass from QB Grayson Loftis to #2 Kaliber Hoey for a late touchdown. Ending the first quarter 10-0 Indians favor. Starting the second quarter the Vikings start a comeback making a fast break down to a rushing touchdown in under 2 minutes; but was ultimately denied an extra point making the score 10-6 Indians lead. After the Vikings kickoff a slow but steady tread was made inching closer to the end-zone after completing a 4th down the Indians make a easy rushing touchdown and with a PAT the score, now 17-6 with less than half left in the second quarter. As Halftime arrived, Coach McHam escorted Varsity Basketball player Cortez Dawkins as he accepted his award for the Arby’s Athletic Scholarship becoming a once in a lifetime winner; followed by the Vikings band performing their ensemble show leading the game on to the second half.

Gaffney received the ball starting a chain of 4th and goes. For the remainder of the third quarter the game was stuck at a halt ending the third quarter at a steady 17-6; this was soon to change leading into the fourth and final quarter. Vikings start off steady with a 49 yard rushing touchdown narrowing the lead to 17-12. Gaffney received the ball with 9 minutes left and by 8 minutes Ken Littlejohn extended the lead yet again and with a PAT the score was now 24-12. After a Vikings attempt to score late into the game a 4 and out lead to a Gaffney rushing touchdown extending the game to 31-12 with only 3 minutes left in the game it was crunch time and the Vikings turned another 4 and out with only one minute left. Gaffney now held the lead and ended the game with only 2 downs. Making an Indians win 31-12 in the home of the Vikings a record now 1-0 the Indians will move on to next weeks game on 8/27 against the reigning champions Dutch Fork for a game in the Reservation. Will the Indians make another monumental win? Will the Indians extend the winning streak to 2-0? Friday’s game will tell and Go Indians!