Teacher Spotlight: Coach Huff

Teacher Spotlight: Coach Huff

Reporting LIVE from the Indian Post, this is Ja’Keria Davis and Solaye Montgomery. This week we wanted to recognize Mr. Mark Huff (Coach Huff) for this week’s teacher spotlight. Coach Huff is a physical education teacher here at GHS. He is sweet, caring, loveable, and a great teacher here at GHS. 

For education, Coach Huff attended Southside High School and graduated in 1977. Furthering his education, he went to Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, Tennessee, where he got a degree in physical education and health. He then came back to the southside and coached and taught there for a few years, which was his first head coaching job. After winning the two-way state championship in 1992, he left Southside and went to J.L Mann High School and worked there for two years until coming to Gaffney High School in the 1997-1998 school year. Since then, he has been here ever since, coaching boys’ and girls’ basketball and teaching physical education. 

During our interview with Coach Huff, we asked him “In what ways do you encourage creativity in your classroom?” “Well, we want kids to have a good time in P.E.” Responded Coach Huff. “We feel that P.E. is a little bit different than other classrooms or classes where you must sit in a desk and be quiet. Down in P.E., you can express yourself by just getting out and being involved, active, and participating. Some kids are better at some sports and may not be as good in another sport, but we just want you to get out and get involved and have a good time.” After this, we asked him what his likes and hobbies are. “I love to deer hunt and to turkey hunt. My dad brought me up when I was a younger boy bird hunting and rabbit hunting. I just love the outdoors and to be outside in the woods, just spending time deer and turkey hunting.”  

Coach Huff uses a unique variety of teaching methods. He said what he uses in P.E. are a little different compared to others. To teach, he demonstrates the activity and breaks the sport down by skills. An example of this is basketball. During basketball, you must be able to dribble and shoot, along with other skills – which are all things he demonstrates and tells his students. To Coach Huff, a gifted student to him is a student that comes prepared and is enthusiastic about the class that they’re in. They make a good effort and they’re willing to do the work that’s needed to be done.  

Continuing our conversation, we asked him what he was like as a student. “I was an above average student in school. I loved the physical education aspect. Though, I probably could have put in more time and effort, as all students can do so. I played sports all through school, such as football, and then I played a little bit of basketball and track.” Talking about his academics, he stated, “I was an English, math and science type student. I just enjoyed being involved.” “He also said some of the biggest challenges students and teachers face every day are kids that want to be on their phones; whether it’s texting or getting on social media. “I think that’s the problem. We check roll and kids can’t even hear us when we do because they got their ear buds in, so that’s definitely a challenge.” 

We really want to thank Coach Huff for his time and for simply being a great teacher and basketball coach to the girls and students! We love you Coach Huff!!