Student Spotlight; Anna Turner


This week, the student I chose for the student’s spotlight is Anna Turner. I chose Anna because of her good personality. She is loving, sweet, caring and fun to be around – she has a lot of good things going for herself in life! So, at the beginning of the week, I interviewed Anna and asked her some questions about herself and school. Anna Turner is a senior at GHS and plays basketball, softball, and other things at our school. She is an all-time student and is very well behaved. She is extremely outgoing, funny, and is the type that brightens up your day when you are having a difficult one. After high school, she plans to go to USC Aiken to play softball and graduate with a business degree. One of the questions I asked her was what subject interests her the most and why? She replied that “English at a college angle because the pieces she gets to read. Anna really loves to read different things that interest her. She says right now in her English class, they are learning how to read poems and analyze them. The next question I asked her was who is her favorite teacher at GHS and why? She said, Coach Ramsey, because she has helped me through a lot of things and through life. She even helped me with getting my scholarships for softball.Anna’s favorite music artist is Luke Combs because she loves country music; she says he is the “greatest.” Anna says her idea of a perfect career is “working your hours like being your own business owner getting to work on your own time and making a good salary.” In the next 10 years, she says she sees herself at a law school and getting into a job dealing with such and possibly having a family. I enjoyed interviewing Anna this week and learning about her and what she likes to do. We all want to wish her the best of luck, as she graduates this year and moves on to improved things and goes to college and enters the real world