This is My America


This week’s article is a review of a book called This is My America written by Kim Johnson. The book is about the character Tracy Beaumont and her family’s personal challenges. This includes her father being accused of murder and him being put on death row, along with her brother Jamal being accused of killing a white girl. This is My America highlights the struggles of being a black American, injustice, and conquering hate. It also portrays how difficult Tracy’s life was by being the sister and daughter of whom are being accused of murder.  

I loved reading this book. It was interesting and had a lot of twists and turns. Tracy was independent and strong, which I liked. She didn’t mind getting dirty to find the truth to get justice not just for her family, but for others around her. Seeing how the story unfolded was a complete shocker. I would say my favorite part would be her getting justice for her family, but it was fun to see her having to choose between her two love interests. At times I would be rooting for one… then at other times I was rooting for the other one. At the end of the day, my heart was always with Quincy.  

When reading along, I felt like I was with Tracy; trying to put all the pieces together and solve the case. Kim Johnson did an amazing job incorporating what it’s like and how it may feel to be a black American, the differences between whites and blacks, and how the law is not always fair and can be just as bad. I would recommend this book to someone who loves reading about the law/justice system and even crime solvers. This book is also good if you’re just looking for something new and interesting to read. This is My America is a 10/10 for anybody to read.