Fox New’s Unexpected Scandal

Most of us already know that Fox News has caught itself in a scandal, but what exactly happened? In early March 2023 it was released that Fox news were in a lawsuit over some slandering comments after the 2020 election. This defamation lawsuit is worth over $1.6 million and is brought by a tech company (NPR). Nearly every day since the lawsuit’s trial started, Fox has been humiliated constantly. This includes an outing that the news’s producers and executives have admitted that some of their comments are “false and at times unhinged” (NPR). “At the end of the day, it’s going to hinder the ultimate objective of the First Amendment, of getting to the [supposed] truth,” Murphy, one of Fox News leading attorneys said, however recently leaked messages between their most noteworthy stars say the opposite.  

“I hate him passionately…” Carlson said in a leaked message, referring to a still unidentified person, “… come on, there isn’t really an upside to Trump.” he added (NBC). Tucker has even went as far as to call former president Trump “a demonic force.” Hundreds of messages and emails like these between Carlson, Laura Ingrahm, Sean Hannity, and other Fox News personalities were released by the court along with multiple testimonies. Ingrahm had sent messages completely bashing Sidney Powell, one of Trump’s attorneys, calling her “a bit nuts” (New Republic).  

Now that everything has come out about how Fox News reporters really feel about what they are saying on the air, what will happen? Some cable providers have already started pulling Fox off the air and their ratings have severely plummeted. Obviously, many of their reports were scripted and blatant lies to keep their views up and get money. The damage done to more impressionable minds due to their potentially harmful and false comments is unmeasurable. Many conservatives have used their reports as “facts” to back their harmful ideology, so with all that they have done, all the people they have hurt, one important question for Fox News remains: was the money really worth it?