Ways To Better Our Earth


As humans on this earth, we should want to make it a better environment to live in. There are a lot of things wrong with the world we live in today. Such as health care, climate change, poverty, human rights, pollution, and many more. The main three I wanted to talk about would be pollution, health care, and poverty. 

Pollution is when harmful materials are put into the environment. As we all know it has become a major issue over time. A lot of issues come from natural causes, humans, and factories. Trash being thrown everywhere, landfills, and the common things we use every day have a huge effect on the air, water, and land. When these resources are affected all of life is threatened. Some ways we could help reduce pollution would be eliminating waste, recycling, caring for nature, using less power, and many more 

Everybody needs health care, rather it’s for something small or big. Even though it should be something everybody receives, most don’t get it. Healthcare can be expensive without Medicaid/insurance. Sometimes that doesn’t cover everything. Another issue would be finding the right place for care. Not every doctor’s office or hospital is friendly, it’s not talked about enough how facilities have very rude workers which could make the experience uncomfortable. Lastly, would be technology. Yes, technology in the medical field has improved over time yet there is still always a downfall. Some errors with the technology sometimes could be prevented if we didn’t use it. To help with these issues there could be more facilities for those who are less fortunate, better workers in the system, and there should be less use of technology. Of course, technology is useful for running tests for things we cannot see or hear, but we shouldn’t have to depend on it for everything we do. 

If you didn’t know, poverty is where one doesn’t have enough to meet the basic needs. Including food, clothing, and shelter. Poverty can be caused by discrimination based on gender or ethnicity, poor governance, domestic, violence, unemployment, etc. A lot of people have trouble finding jobs due to personal background, limited access to education, and not having government assistance. Those in poverty could be helped if they were given a chance by getting jobs that don’t require much educational background, more organizations that help with basic needs, and having government help where it’s provided for you a place to stay to help get those off their feet. 

There’re many more issues that can be fixed but here are a few important ones that need to be talked about. Everyone plays a role on this earth and even if its small, it still matters. Cleaning up around yourself, speaking out, and helping those in need makes a huge difference. REMINDER: Earth Day is always Aprill 22 don’t forget.