Student Athlete: Emma Parris


This week’s student athlete is Emma Parris. Emma is a senior here at Gaffney High and she lives in Draytonville,SC. Some little things to know about her is that she likes going to the lake, watching movies, and spending time with her friends. She has been involved in two sports, which consist of varsity cross-country for four years, and she has also been on the girls’ varsity soccer team since ninth grade. Even though Emma is involved in these sports she does not have a favorite team. She says, “I wouldn’t say I have a favorite because I love having the opportunity to be a part of both my teams for different reasons, but I enjoy soccer more so than running.” 

Emma first started playing soccer at the age of five at the Salvation Army. At an early age she knew that was something she really wanted to do. Emma has stuck with it since because of the joy she gets while she’s on the field. In third grade she ran her first 5k race. Emma has been running on and off since then, but she didn’t become more dedicated until she joined cross country the summer before freshman year. 

Playing sports while maintaining school and life would seem stressful. To her sometimes balancing all the different activities can be difficult but she enjoys each one. Emma says that “I wouldn’t know what to do if I was no longer a part of it.” Enjoying what she does makes putting in the extra time and effort worth it. In college Emma doesn’t plan to play either sport at the collegiate level, but she does hope to continue soccer for a club or intermural at the college she attends. She does plans to continue to run during her spare time. Emma also doesn’t see herself having a career in these two sports, but she is grateful for all the amazing people she met and the opportunities she’s had.  

Emma is a smart girl, and she has a bright future ahead. Thank you for letting me get to know a little bit about you and for being part of this week’s interview. I wish you the best of luck on your transition from high school to college