Fun Fridays at GHS


Here at GHS, we have found a reason to make it more fun to come to school! It’s called Fun Fridays. Fun Fridays were created to make our school and learning environment more enjoyable. Mrs. Hanna said she and several other teachers were approached by Mr. Pall about ideas for fun dress up days. The idea was to break up the monotony of doing the same thing day in and day out for the next nine weeks of school since there is such a long stretch between winter break and spring break. Some of the dress up days are set to go with events that happen at school or just in the everyday lives of students. For example, we have Jersey Day which is set to go with the super bowl, Patriotism Day because of President’s Day, and Character Day because of Read Across America Week. Mrs. Hanna and the teachers here at GHS love looking for creative ways to make learning fun.