Teacher Spotlight: Carlos Mosquera


   This week’s teacher spotlight is Carlos Mosquera. Mr. Mosquera is one of our foreign language teachers here at Gaffney high and teaches Spanish. Some background information about him is that he is from Columbia, South America and he is currently 34 years old. He has a bachelors in English and French. Mr. Mosquera also has a master’s in English Didactics. Right now, he is pursuing his PhD in education working on his dissertation. He says ‘’hopefully in August I will be done so I can graduate in October.” One of his likes and hobbies is listening to music. He says listening to music helps him feel more relaxed. Watching tv and spending time with his family is another thing he likes to do. Mr. Mosquera also likes travelling, experiencing unfamiliar cultures, trying new food, and meeting new people. Spending time with his students is also something he thoroughly enjoys. He says ‘’Spending time with my students makes me feel more energized.” 

   The different ways he likes to teach are by finding fun ways for students to learn. He likes to have them record themselves, do roleplays, dialogues, and games. Mr. Mosquera likes to give his students breaks so they can check their phones/social media. To Mr. Mosquera, a gifted student would be someone who can navigate through difficulties. These students are always being mindful of what the teachers do and being able to take part in the learning process. As a student, Mr. Mosquera, says he did respect his elders, but he was a troublemaker. He was not the easiest student; he liked to joke and play with his friends. As a child he didn’t find class fun which is why he tries to be different as a teacher.  

   I enjoyed interviewing Mr. Mosquera for this week’s teacher spotlight. It was fun to learn new things about him. The Indian Post wishes you the best with your PhD and hopes everything goes well!