Teacher Spotlight:Cecile Wagner


   Mrs. Wagner is a new foreign language teacher here at Gaffney High. She is originally from France and she went to the University of Bordeaux, so she could be an English teacher. Mrs. Wagner got a degree at the University. Then she studied English and American Literature. After that Mrs. Wager came to the United States to improve her English. Coming to the US Mrs. Wagner met her husband and decided to stay. She later went on to the USC to get her educational degree to become a French teacher. Mrs. Wagner got her French educational and bachelors here. At the University of Southern Wesleyan University, she got her masters.  

   Some of her likes and hobbies are cooking, gardening, and reading. Mrs. Wagner has a fun personality which she displays in her classroom. Shes very patient and is easy to talk to. She tries fun ways to teach and finds ways to express themselves to bring creativity in her classroom. Mrs. Wagner doesn’t really lecture, instead she uses games, music, and interactive things for her students. To her, a gifted student can be in many ways, it is not just about grades. Technology would be a challenge that Mrs. Wagner believes that students and teachers face today. Having cellphones in the classroom and getting the attention of students is a challenge.  

   I enjoyed interviewing Mrs. Wagner for this week’s teacher spotlight. She is already doing an amazing job here at Gaffney high. I hope that the rest of her school year goes well. We cannot wait to see what you do for the rest of your classroom. Thank you, Mrs. Wagner, for letting me interview you, and it is appreciated.