US Wings & Deli the Best Wings in Gaffney?

Aaliyah Watts, Staff Writer

US Wings & Deli is a fairly new restaurant located at 1236 W Floyd Baker Blvd, Gaffney SC. They have many different varieties of food that range from wings, Philly steaks, sub sandwiches, fried shrimp, fried rice, and more. Locals say that they are a pleasant restaurant and they have the best wings in Gaffney. Others have said that the food is exceptional, but the price may be too high for the mundaneness of the food at hand.  

 My personal experience at Wings & Deli was very pleasant. When my family and I first arrived the first thing I noticed was how clean and roomy it was. I also noticed the décor was nice and welcoming. Me and my family each got decent sized meals: Their 6-piece wing meal, cheeseburger meal, salads and more wings were all only $48. Each came with enough food to get a healthy filling. So, I personally do not think the prices are high because they give a good amount of food for especially because we had a group of 4, so the price is worth it. When you order your food, you are given the cup and allowed to make your own drink, so while waiting for your food, you can drink as much as you would like if you wanted to. We didn’t have to wait long for our food to be ready. When our food was finished, one of the employees opened the food in front of you; they asked if it were to your liking and if you would like more seasoning on your fries.  

Overall, I really enjoyed the food and the service; and I do recommend you go to US Wings & Deli.