Jacksepticeye’s Thankmas 2022 Was A HUGE Success!!

The Online Streaming and YouTube Community Comes Together For A Thankmas miracle!

Jacksepticeyes Thankmas 2022 Was A HUGE Success!!

Kyndra Peterson, Co-Editor In Chief

Jacksepticeye is a well-known YouTuber and has been on the platform creating amazing and loveable content since 2012. With his popularity, Jack prefers and likes to use his platform for positive messages and to help others. An example of this is his PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) messages would have to go back to 2018 when Jack started an event that would turn into something much bigger than he could ever imagine it would. Not only that, but it would help more people than he could ever dream he could reach and aid. Thankmas is an annual charity event that Jack created with the purpose to help a different charity each year and not only raise money for that said charity, but also raise awareness for it. Numerous content creators of different kinds come together and live stream to help raise money for the event through tiltify. This year, the stream reached a whopping 10 hours and 19 minutes. Some YouTubers and Streamers who come on to Jack’s live stream are Markiplier, Game Grumps, Mat Pat, Jack Black, Bella Porche, Valkyrae, and so many more well-known and loved personalities. In the past, the charities that have been chosen and helped have been NewStory (2021), Comic Relief U.S. (2020), Childs Plays (2019), Crisis Text Line (2018), and the most recent one World Central Kitchen (2022) where he raised his biggest sum to date: 10.1 million dollars.

A great number of people and sponsors helped to get Thankmas to its massive amount raised such as Coca-Cola who matched the first million dollars of donations with another million dollars. There were many other sponsors who also donated and matched with the cause however the public was not told some of the other names of the brands who decided to give the gift of charity this Christmas season. Some of the biggest donations to the cause were from people like CoryxKenshin who donated $399,999.91 and Markiplier who donated $99,999,99 dollars. Many creators stepped up and helped and every single year, what seems like an impossible goal to meet or a feeling of never being able to surpass the previous year’s fundraising is always beaten. Last year 5.3 million dollars were said for the NewStory charity and Jack admitted on stream he didn’t know if it would be possible to beat that this Thankmas. However, the fans and creators worldwide proved Jack wrong. Next year the amazing community may be able to raise even more than 10 million and continue to help people everywhere! <3

World Central Kitchen is a completely non-government and non-profit organization that’s sole purpose is to help to provide food and good well-balanced and filling meals to people who have suffered from natural disasters. Food is a central thing to everybody’s hearts in life and within the family. As said on their website (which I highly recommend looking at and doing your own research) each meal isn’t just a meal or food to fill the stomach, it’s a plate of hope. On the website, it also reads “It tells you in your darkest hour that someone, somewhere, cares about you. This is the real meaning of comfort food. It’s why we make an effort to cook in a crisis.” this was being referred to hope, and the knowledge that in a time of need and helplessness, things can and will change even with outside help.