Teacher of the week: Mrs. Juila Copeland


Za'Riah Smith, Staff Writer

Announcing for the Indian Post, the Teacher of the Week for the 22-23 Academic School Year is, Mrs. Juila Copeland. Mrs. Copeland has been working at Gaffney High for 2 years. This is her second year of teaching full-time. Before GHS, she was a long-term substitute at Mary Bramlett for a couple of years before she decided to teach. Some of the ways Mrs. Copeland grades papers are regular gradings of the numbers correct divided by the number of total points that could have accumulated. If she noticed that many students did not do well on a worksheet, they would receive a completion grade. If they completed the entire worksheet, they receive a 100. Then she would go over the worksheet with the class so that they can understand the material better. She started incorporating hands-on learning experiences, at least two hands on activities for each lesson. Each lesson builds on the next one, but science can build on itself like a web. One subject area can be connected to multiple subject areas in science, so each lesson can be interweaved from the lessons prior. Mrs. Copeland communicates with most parents weekly. She has a remind app set up to remind students and parents of important dates. Most parents contact her about missing work, and she will work with them showing which assignments are missing and allowing the students extra time to get the assignments in. Mrs. Copeland thinks homework for students can put a lot of pressure on them, especially if they do any extracurricular activities. Her homework policy is for students to finish any work not completed from the class that day and to study at least 15 minutes every night. That is all the homework she gives to students. She provides the study material for the students: studymate which includes pre-made flashcards, practice quizzes and a jeopardy game. She also used blooket Mrs. Copeland just started that at the end of last year and students usually play a blooket 5 minutes at the beginning of class to refresh their brains before adding on to the lessons they have learned in prior classes. They also have a study guide that they fill out while they are doing PowerPoints. Mrs. Copeland says that since she is a newer teacher, she is a little nervous about going on a field trip. She plans later to start going to a couple a year. A trip she thinks would be simple and fun for students will be to go over to her family’s farm which is about 5 minutes away from the school and have students use a taxonomy book to locate different taxonomy around the fields and, using the book, decide which group the organisms they find belong to. Mrs. Copeland says she is a very free flowing individual and works well with change. She knows she is a strong person and can make anything work, if given enough time to figure out the best way. Mrs. Copeland says “I love each and every one of my students. I know each one of y’all has so much potential to go anywhere in life. I hope one day to see how my students have succeeded in becoming passionate about a job that brings Gaffney into the spotlight of the best city in South Carolina.” She tries to guide students to grow as a person, not only in education, but also in morals and self-discipline. Mrs. Copelands grandfather had become very sick, and he passed away Thursday morning of last week. Mrs. Copelands said that Mr. Boyd Ham’s funeral was the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. All of Blacksburg showed up to pay their respects to him and his generosity to their community for 92 years. He started up the CKC Volunteer Fire Department there, fought in the Korean war, was a boy scout troop leader, and coached little league baseball. Even after that, when the scanner would go off, he would go to the fires and help with his knowledge. Up until he was about 80 years old, he would go help out.