What Are Teenagers Like in The South?

What are the thought processes of teenagers in South Carolina on a day-to-day basis? Let us answer that question with my own perspective on how teenagers live in the Palmetto state.

Teenagers with strict parents tend to make rebellious kids. Strict parents that create numerous rules for their children simultaneously create more issues in their household. Teenagers when not allowed to have significant others always find a way to see  When teenagers are not allowed to do something, they will find loopholes within their family environment to rebel against the system. This can be seen when some are not allowed to have relationships; some will sneak out at night to meet with their significant others or strangers (in real life or via the internet) which are both harmful and unsafe in their respective ways. It can lead to consequences and traumatic experiences for the children in question. 

Along with other parts of the world, South Carolina has many issues with drugs in teens as well as teen pregnancies. There are many drug networks and connections teenagers can get wrapped up in. Drugs in the eyes of teenagers provide an outlet that they don’t have at home due to the way parents enforce their rules. To some teens, it feels as if they are unable to communicate with family members or adults due to their reactions and unpredictable behavior. This vulnerability that teens possess makes them easy targets for ill-intended people. 

Coming from a teenager in high school, I personally feel that teenagers do not follow the rules set forth to them by their parents. In my eyes, if teenagers are not allowed to do something they will proceed to do it anyway. Not only to rebel but also to gain life experience in ways teenagers tend to feel they can not. Most teenagers have tendencies to sneak off and do irresponsible things such as getting drunk or high. This act of careless behavior can have very negative outcomes, some so extreme that it leads to death. I have observed that teenagers with what is considered “chill” parents are more likely to be open to them because their relationship is built on unconditional trust. On the opposite end of the spectrum not only do the parents need to be more trusting but the teenagers need to show they can be trusted. If there is no trust between kids and their parents going both ways, they will not know who to go to when they are in a troubling situation.

There are more and more teenagers in South Carolina thinking it is acceptable to get pregnant at such a young age.This could stem from teens feeling they cannot communicate with their parents or being in a manipulative, unhealthy relationship. There are many hidden struggles that older generations cannot relate to, understand, or see that teenagers nowadays go through and have. We fear rejection and being ignored. This can lead to some teens feeling as though they are unloved. In today’s society, the perception of our youth puts teenagers on a pedestal that holds seemingly unreachable expectations.