Student Spotlight: Brooklyn Benson


Solaye Montgomery, Staff Writer

Gaffney High’s student spotlight this week is Brooklyn Benson. She is in the 10th grade, and she is originally from Spartanburg Sc. Brooklyn is a part of the Gaffney high school winter guard. This will be her second year doing guard. So far, her biggest accomplishment in life would be still doing guard. Being part of the team has helped her overcome a lot of issues. She also says, “the people that you are surrounded by support you and love you dearly.” After high school, Brooklyn plans to go to college for 4 years to become anything related to being a pediatric nurse. There are a few colleges that she would like to attend. Which would be North Carolina A&T, Howard, or Duke University. She says one reason that she wants to attend A&T is to experience the black culture. Brooklyn would like to attend Howard or Duke because they have great nursing programs.  

Her favorite teacher at GHS is Ms. Hudson because she has helped her a lot in class. Brooklyn says that “Ms. Hudson is an inspiration, and she didn’t let little things slide by. History happens to be Brooklyn’s favorite subject. Harriet Tubman would be a historical figure that intrigues her the most. She says that “Harriet was influential, and she was very good experience for black women.” 

Some Fun things to know about Brooklyn is that her favorite color is blue. It’s her favorite color because that’s something her and her mom have in common. Chicken alfredo is her favorite food. The Hate U Give is one of her favorite movies. Brooklyn also likes the artist, Brent Faiyaz. For her dream vacation she would like to visit Dubai. Brooklyn enjoys watching football better than basketball. She enjoys being under the Friday night lights, being with friends, and supporting the team. To Brooklyn the perfect way to start the day off is showering and skin care.