The Twelve-Year-Old Graduating Both High School and College



JON C. LAKEY / SALISBURY POST Mike Wimmer helps his Nap Robot Infinite stay balanced as it performs a programmed version of the Thiller dance. Wimmer, 10-year-old Mensan from Salisbury, recently started his high school career at a CFA Academy in Concord. Wimmer was given the opportunity to give a presentation this past summer at the American Mensa Summer Gathering in Indianapolis with his Nao Robot that he programed for the presentation. . Salisbury, North Carolina. 10/24/18

Abby Phillips, Staff Writer

Twelve-year-old Mike Wimmer from North Carolina is set to graduate college on May 21 and graduate from high school on May 28. During his downtime in the start of the pandemic, Wimmer was able to take a few extra classes. Now, one year later, he is graduating high school and college in the same week.

Wimmer was able to complete four years of schooling in one year. He completed two years of high school at Concord Academy High School, where he is valedictorian with a GPA of 5.45. After beginning to take dual enrollment classes, the student realized that at the pace he was going, he just needed a few more classes to be able to graduate with an associate’s degree by his high school graduation. Wimmer will graduate from Rowan-Cabarrus Community College with a 4.0 GPA.

Although he is several years younger than his classmates, Wimmer says he gets along well with them and that they do not give him any trouble – he was even nominated to homecoming court last year. He claims he has always had an affinity for technology and a high interest in robotics, stating that he is “the math and science guy.” He even created his own startup, called Reflect Social, which combines popular social media platforms with Internet of Things devices, providing a new dynamic social experience.

Wimmer’s parents say they are extremely proud of their son. His plans after he graduates are still undecided but he has many options, such as job offers in and outside of the United States, more schooling, and/or growing his startup. Though Mike Wimmer has had an unusual and incredible life so far, he stated, “A lot of people think I’ve given up my childhood or somehow lost it, and I say to them that I’m having the time of my life.”