The Josh Fight


Mariana Razo, Editor-in-Chief

What started as a meme became real when hundreds of people named Josh battled it out with pool noodles to find the best Josh.

22-year-old Josh Swain from Arizona posted screenshots of a Facebook conversation to Twitter of him gathering people into a group chat of the same name, and challenging them to a battle of the Joshes. Swain sent the people random coordinates that landed in a farm in Nebraska and the date of the fight.

However, Josh Swain came through with his proposal, and confirmed that the Josh Fight would indeed happen exactly one year later at a park in Lincoln, Nebraska. Swain urged all attendees to bring pool noodles and wear face masks.

This meme event brought in people from all over the country just to participate in this fight. Swain also held a fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Foundation of Nebraska and many attendees brought food donations for local food banks.

At the end of the event, four-year-old Josh Vinson Jr was declared the winner. He won a Burger King crown, a champion’s belt and a small trophy.