Crisis at the Border

Abby Phillips, Staff Writer

In the 2016 election, immigration was an important factor in who people voted for. Republicans and conservatives were very keen to Trump’s border wall idea, something that would help to keep illegal immigrants out of country, mainly because of the many drug cartels and human trafficking instances occurring there. Clinton supporters felt illegal immigrants were just as hardworking as American citizens and would fill difficult jobs that Americans wouldn’t want; therefore, they should be let into the country.

Fast forward nearly five years later and Democrat Joe Biden is now president. During the past four years, Trump was harshly criticized for the detention facilities at the border holding unaccompanied migrant children. Biden’s campaign has made statements that they would not give the same treatment to illegal aliens that the Trump campaign apparently did. However, in the two weeks leading up to March 8, the number of children being detained along the southern border has tripled. President Biden is now under massive amounts of pressure to change this situation as the people who voted for him believed he would be much more welcoming than former President Trump.

Biden has begun urging migrants not to attempt to travel across the U.S. border. In one interview, he stated, “Don’t leave your town or community.”

The amount of immigrants fleeing to cross the border has surged since Biden took office. Many Americans are waiting to see what the president decides to do about these children at the border who are being detained in such dangerous conditions as well as what happens to the millions of immigrants looking to enter the country illegally sometime soon.