The Devolution of Social Media

The Devolution of Social Media

Mariana Razo, Editor-in-Chief

Twitter is the latest social media platform to add stories to their app or in this case, “fleets.” The purpose of fleets is to allow you to share “fleeting” thoughts, only lasting for 24 hours before it disappears. Pioneered from Snapchat, most social media apps today have this feature. Actually, most social media apps have the same exact features nowadays.

There was a point in time when each social media app had a certain creativity that separated it from others. Each had a distinct layout that could be easily recognized and served different purposes. Now, most apps are practically identical.

It seems that the creativity is running out, as each app is copying each other’s moves. This isn’t a new concept though. However, the copying of the features seems to only be a race of “who can be more successful at it?”

If most of these social media apps have such close similarities, where does that leave space for individuality? What is the difference between each of these platforms that distinguishes them from others? The answer is simple. There will eventually be no difference as the similarities between these platforms become increasingly obvious and dull.