How I Study and Complete Schoolwork


If you’re anything like I was, you procrastinate way too much and can’t find ways to focus. Since the beginning of the school year, I’ve tried to minimize my procrastination because I’ve realized how bad it can get.

I feel like I speak for many students when I say I never found the basic studying tips like “Exercise, drink water, make a planner, believe in yourself” effective at all. Though it can work for others, it never worked for me. I simply wanted a studying method that helped me stay focused because I get distracted easily. Finally, I’ve found an effective way that allows me to get much work done.

1. I prepare my studying environment

  • Before studying or doing any homework, I like to prepare the space I’m going to use. That space can vary for me but I usually stay in my bedroom. Like many, I like to be comfortable so I stay on my bed.
  • After fixing my sitting area, I usually prepare to use my air diffuser. The essential oils I frequently use are Lavender & Almond, Peppermint, Orange, and Lavender. I recently discovered aromatherapy and the scents are very calming and known to relieve stress.
  • Next, I use my foldable laptop desk to put all my materials on. I received this as a gift and it is truly a life changer. I can use this anywhere from the couch to the floor because it’s also adjustable.

2. I play music

  • First of all, I can’t listen to my music because I’ll get distracted and start singing along. However, I tried out different types of music and I found that piano music is so relaxing. Also, lo-fi beats are great because there’s not much going on in the music that allows me to focus more on my homework.
  • Classical music overall is very effective for me. I try to alternate between different types because it does get tiring at times, but it truly does work.

3. I take breaks

  • I cannot study/complete schoolwork for hours without moving or taking breaks. It’s also not healthy at all. I take frequent breaks once I see that I’m starting to lose focus after some time. I recommend doing your work for about 25 minutes and taking 10-15 minute breaks (if you have time).
  • This doesn’t mean mistaking breaks as distractions. This results in procrastination.

4. I switch between subjects

  • Doing homework for the same subject for a while gets boring and tiring. Whenever I have a lot of homework, I try to switch between subjects so I can complete some for each one.
  • For example, I’ll spend perhaps an hour on English and switch to Anatomy, vice versa.
  • I recommend prioritizing the most important homework first before switching.

Overall, these are the tips I recommend for those who are struggling to find a studying method that works for them. It took me a while to adopt a method that would bring me out of the procrastination world and I feel much more confident in completing my work. I hope these tips can be of use for those who are looking for a change in their studying style.