GHS Student Encourages Awareness of Social Issues


The Black Lives Matter movement erupted this year with the death of George Floyd, leading with many protests for change and equality. Officially beginning in 2013, BLM was first a hashtag in response to George Zimmerman being acquitted in the shooting and death of Trayvon Martin. Now, it’s become an activist movement.

On Thursday, a social media post created by GHS senior Mya Dawkins, asked for GHS students to dress in black on Friday, September 25, in honor of Breonna Taylor and Emmitt Till. Till was murdered 65 years ago, an anniversary marked on September 23rd, the same day Kentucky officials indicted one of the men involved in Taylors death on charges of wanton endangerment. Many consider Till’s murder, and the subsequent acquittal of his killers, as turning points in the Civil Rights movement, while Taylor’s death has inspired countless demonstrations and calls to “Say her name” throughout this summer of social unrest across the nation.

When asked about the purpose and importance of raising awareness for this movement, Mya Dawkins stated, “I felt like this was important to do because this is now a time in our lives where it can not be hidden or pushed down without thought. We are about to hit the real world and I felt like showing support or bringing awareness to the real world issues going on around us would open people’s eyes. ”

The following pictures are of Mya Dawkins with students who joined her in the stand for BLM.