Protests Turn to Shootings

Warning: Graphic Content


Amid the shooting of Jacob Blake, Kenosha, Wisconsin has become a hot spot for protests. Jacob Blake, a 29-year old African-American man, was shot 7 times by police as he attempted to enter an SUV on August 23. Refer to the Kenosha Protests article that contains more information of the shooting.

During the protests for social unrest on August 25, fatal shots were fired. Authorities identify the suspect as 17-year old Kyle Rittenhouse who shot and killed 2 protesters and severely injured 1. On August 27, the deceased victims were identified as Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber. The injured victim is Gage Grosskreutz.

The teenager was filmed carrying a AR-15 rifle near a car dealership, which is misdemeanor for minors to carry dangerous weapons in Wisconsin, and spoke to law enforcement before and after the shootings.

During the first shot, an unidentified individual shot into the air and the muzzle flash can be seen in the recording. Rittenhouse turned around in the direction of the shot and Rosenbaum attempted to lunge at him to take the weapon. It can be seen that as Rittenhouse fired 4 shots, three struck Rosenbaum, killing him. Authorities have confirmed that after the shot, he made a call to a friend stating,”I just killed someone” and ran away.



Captured on camera, Rittenhouse ran as people shouted, “That’s the shooter!” and “Get him!” Many bystanders ran after him and Rittenhouse fell to the ground. Huber approached Rittenhouse with a skateboard and used this opportunity to attempt to disarm him. However, when Huber grabbed the weapon, it was pointed towards his body and Rittenhouse fatally fired.

Seconds after, Rittenhouse shot the 3rd victim, Grosskreutz, in the arm and fled the scene. He approached the police with his hands up and was allowed to leave despite the pleas of bystanders alerting the police about the shottings, as heard in videos posted.

Criminal complaint filed against Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha County

The next day, Rittenhouse was taken into custody in his hometown of Antioch, Illinois after turning himself in.

In a media conference,  Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskin stated, “There were a lot of people with weapons…unfortunately, a lot of gunfights.” In regards to Rittenhouse’s approach to the police without being detained, Miskin said “They’re responding to that, they see somebody walking towards them with his hands up, that too isn’t out of the ordinary given how events have been going on.”

CNN reports that Rittenhouse faces “two felony charges of homicide in the death of Rosenbaum and Huber, and a felony attempted homicide charge in Grosskreutz’s incident.” Also, a misdemeanor charge for the possession of a weapon while being under the age of 18. His lawyers have claimed that he acted in self-defense.

According to police, Rittenhouse is a former member of a youth police cadet program. His social media display support for President Trump, guns, and law enforcement.

He is currently held in a juvenile facility in Vernon hills. Also, he will remain in Illinois custody until his next hearing on September 25, after his public defender failed to waive extradition. Wisconsin law states that anyone 17 or older is tried as an adult in the Criminal Justice system.