Bored during quarantine? Here are some things to keep you busy…

Haylee Freeman, Staff Writer

Being stuck at home during the Corona virus can become extremely boring, so here are some things to do to keep busy during quarantine.

1. Get creative
– Draw
– Paint
– Write
– Start a journal
– Write a song
– Complete a DIY project
– Cook or bake something

Get creative! Draw a picture or paint one. Write or start a journal. If you are into music, try and write a song. Learn to play an instrument or download an app to learn a foreign language. Look up DIY ideas such as painting an old pair of shoes or how to build something. Get in the kitchen and cook or bake something. Have fun and experiment!

2. Get outside
– Go on a hike
– Take a walk
– Ride a bike
– Take a ride
– Wash the car
– Have a campfire

Get outside! Take a hike, such as the trail at Lake Whelchel. Just take an easy walk up your road and back or ride a bike around. Take a fun car ride to a pretty place. Wash the car. Have a nice campfire in the backyard with family.

3. Indoor ideas
– Read a book
– Watch a movie
– Start a new Netflix series
– Look through old photos
– Organize your room
– Clean up

If you are more of an indoors person, here are some things for you! Read an interesting book, watch a fun movie, or even start a new Netflix series. Get out old family photos and look through those. You could also organize or clean.


I personally am a person who likes to have a plan. I like to know everything about a situation or plan. I don’t really like being at home all the time or being bored. I am constantly wanting to do something or am constantly planning my next plan. I do not like that this is going on in our world at all, but I have surprisingly enjoyed the slow down time. I have had more time to sit and relax, do self-care, read, bake, and do other things I enjoy but never made time to do them before this. What I have had more time to do is also get back into the routine of doing family devotions and prayer time which is very important to my family. I have learned that sometimes sitting back and relaxing is helpful. Sometimes having no plans, just waking up and doing things that have needed to be done and that you want to do is so relaxing. I have been able to catch up on things and learn new things at the same time. Another thing I have decided to do is to start putting my phone up at 10 p.m. I am on it off and on all day and sometimes just that hour or two before bed without any type of phone interactions is just peaceful and relaxing. It helps slow me down and take a break from the world around me. Another thing I have done is put limits on the time I spend on social media. Social media influences us so much and sometimes we don’t even realize it. The stuff going on right now in the world is very scary and seeing that on social media makes me anxious and concerned so taking time away from that is also very good for me. I love spending time with my family, they are all like my best friends. I have been able to spend so much time with them over this period of time. So, I highly encourage you to make the most of this time at home. It will surprise you how much you’ll get done and how relaxed you’ll be!