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School in Quarantine

Sunday, March 15th, Cherokee County shut down all schools until April 10th. Most kids are eager to be out of school for so long. Not me. I would rather go to school on time and not have to be in fear of a deadly virus, graduation, and prom not happening, etc. For this to all happen during my senior year is very unfortunate.

Most seniors have always dreamed of the day they get to walk across the stage, shake everyone’s hands and get handed their diploma. As much as I do not like the thought of it, I believe if this virus does not get any better all the seniors will get mailed their diploma once they finish all of their homeschool work.

A lot of seniors, along with most juniors, look forward to prom as well. At this time in the year, most girls have bought their prom dresses.

As of now, we are scheduled to return to school after May 1st, and prom has been rescheduled to May 16th, but it has yet to be determined if we will actually be able to return to school at this time.


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