Thoughts with Lauren

Lauren Ingle, Features Co-Editor

These last few days have made me realize how much I miss school; how much I miss my friends. I did not have a ton of time left with my senior friends, and now that time is dwindling. They will be going off to college soon, moving miles away. It is not just about my friends, however, it’s the classes too. I miss seeing my teachers and getting to talk to them. I miss walking down the halls. I miss lunch, where me and some of my friends would sit outside and just talk about the most random stuff.

I feel like the Coronavirus, or Covid-19, has just made life more complicated. It has made school, work, and my sleep schedule messed up. I know that this is a serious topic, and everyone should remain safe, but it’s just as though this is a vacation to most. It scares me to even think about us going on lock down. They gave me a paper for work yesterday saying that if we go on lock down I can still go to work and home. What is all of this coming too?

There are three types of people right now. One is in panic, the other is thinking all of this is just blown out of proportion, and then you have someone who’s just trying to make it. I just miss what life was like before all of this. I want to go back to how it was. As of right now it may all go back to normal in May sometime? What if they cancel school for longer though? What if the rest of the year it is just doing assignments online? Will I still get to see some of my best friends graduate? All of this has been going through my mind since they canceled school the 16th. I honestly just hope we get through this together.