Top 5 Life Hacks


Mariana Razo, Staff Writer

We all have a daily life that never stops. With one routine after another, sometimes there is a desire for something that will help make our lives easier. Anything will help as long as it’s fast and easy. Many turn to a solution called life hacks. The name speaks for itself: hacks on how to make life more relaxed. I’m sure you’ve seen the weird ones that look like they’re actually more trouble than helpful. However, these are the top 5 hacks that ACTUALLY work.

5. Glass of Water and Pizza

Never worry about rock hard pizza again!

If you hate how hard microwaved leftover pizza is, this hack is for you. Instead of risking a sore jaw, just place a glass of water (that is safe to use) into the microwave along with your pizza for about a minute. This will soften the crust which will be chewy instead of hard. Your pizza will look as good as it did the day before!


4. Cardboard Tube and Trash Bags

Hate having to look for the box of trash bags every time you need a bag?

No problem, here’s the solution! First, grab a pair of scissors and a paper towel roll, then cut out a thin strip of the roll as displayed in the picture. After that, insert the trash bag into the end of the roll, and pull the bag out of the strip you just cut. Finally, place the roll on the bottom of your trash can and pull out the first bag. You now have a trash bag dispenser at no cost.

3. Cold Drink in 10 minutes

Let’s face it. Sometimes we forget to put our drinks in the fridge to cool, or just don’t have enough time to.

This quick hack will quench your thirst! All you have to do is wet a paper towel, wrap it around your drink and place it in the freezer for 10 minutes. Once the times passes, your drink will be refreshingly cold! How this works is the water from the wet towel evaporates rapidly because of the dry air in freezers, which cools the bottle.

This is recommended for warm to hot drinks, for it will have a quick effect and will cool faster.

2. Food Holder on the Go

Don’t have time to carry your food in both hands?

This is a hack that can be used at anywhere! Just place your to-go order on the straw through the hole in the middle of the box. Now you have your food and drink in one hand. This is especially handy in the car since you have your entire meal in just one place.

This varies with the size of the meal, but use this next time you visit McDonalds!

1. Paper Clip Phone Stand

Tired of your phone slipping off the surface you place it on to watch videos?

Yeah, I think we ALL are. This paper clip holder will save your life! Simply grab a paperclip and face it the way it shows in the 2nd picture. Then, set it on a surface and follow step #1 by pulling the side of the clip half down, like the seat of a chair. Now, to step #2, pull up the inside of the clip to where the paperclip will look like a chair now. Step #3, pull down the left side of the clip you just pulled up, into the shape of a triangle. Finally, step #4, bend half of the right side of the clip and you just created your own phone stand!

Place your phone on the stand to see what adjustments can be made. Also, the size of your phone will determine what size paperclip you should use but a large clip is recommended to be safe.