Gaffney High’s Teacher Cadet Program

Kennedi Branch, Staff Writer

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If you are a current sophomore or junior at Gaffney High School, and you are interested in teaching at any level after college, want to experience what being a teacher is like, or just want to earn some college credit, the Teacher Cadet program at GHS may be for you!

Teacher Cadet is a great experience for students because in life, no matter what career field one goes into, teaching will be used in some way, shape, or form. If one wants to have a family in their future, you will become a teacher to your children. If you go to work for a company, chances are good you will become a teacher to other employees you may be in charge of some day. Teaching is a part of everyday life, and this class will help you understand and learn methods for teaching all types of people.

The Teacher Cadet program is partnered with Limestone College, and as a Cadet, you will be able to tour their campus and go on many field trips. Also, if you decide this sounds like the class for you, you will dive into the world of teaching when you begin your in-field experience.

In-field experience,  you, the student,get to experience what it is like to be a teacher by going to another school, elementary or middle, and become a teacher cadet for another class. The experience is wonderful, even if you do not want to become a teacher. You never know, the experience may just open your eyes to a new opportunity you did not realize you wanted in your life!

When the time comes to decide what classes you want to take next year, keep Teacher Cadet in mind. And if you love Teacher Cadet, Gaffney High has added a second Teacher Cadet class called Educational Psychology to take one’s knowledge of teaching to the next level!