Hurricane Dorian Hits Bahamas


Derica Douglas, Staff Writer

Over the weekend, Hurricane Dorian destroyed many parts of the Bahamas, and is currently on course to come extremely close to the east coast of the United States. People in the Bahamas have been without power for days, and are dealing with flooding and lack of food and water. At the time of arrival in the Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian was a category 5 storm, moving at 185 mph. Five people were confirmed dead on Abaco Island on Monday.

Over Labor Day weekend, people were ordered to evacuate parts of Georgia and the Carolinas. Flight have been canceled and airports closed in preparation for the storm. The National Hurricane Center says the hurricane is inching towards the southeastern United States, moving slowly at 1 mph.

Schools in the South Carolina low-country were canceled starting Tuesday in preparation for the storm, which is expected to begin impacting the state on Wednesday.

For those in the Bahamas, the process of assessing damage and rebuilding is only just beginning. Those interested in helping the victims of the storm should visit the Red Cross at to donate.