Ms. Wednesday Addams


   As you all may or not know, Wednesday was a booming show that came to Netflix in 2022. Wednesday is based on the fictional Addams family that came to television in 1991. Wednesday centers around the daughter and her journey to a new school and all the troubles that come with it. Making new friends, losing friends, and of course boy trouble. It is more up to date and modern than how the Adams family has ever been. It’s a fantastic show for teens and even young adults. 

   I watched Wednesday after seeing and hearing about it all over TikTok. In my opinion, it’s a very interesting show to watch. I liked the dark and mysterious themes of the show and how they incorporated small details and aspects from the Adams family. Wednesday was defiantly an adventurous show and kept me glued to my tv. The storyline to me was different than other shows I have watched and had a plot twister, which I really enjoyed. Though, I will say that Wednesday gave me mixed emotions every episode. One minute I was happy and the next I was mad or even upset, which is what a good show should do. I also liked that you didn’t have to watch the Adams family to understand Wednesday. Yes, it would be good to watch The Adams family if you wanted more background, but it’s not necessarily needed to still enjoy Wednesday and what it has to offer. 

   The show has a good concept and it’s easy to follow along. I would recommend this show for young teens and those who like mysteries and putting pieces and clues together. The show’s rating, TV-14, and its mysterious atmosphere is why it’s a perfect watch for teens and young adults.