Sexytoya’s Blingy Things


This week’s interview is about a small business. Latoya Galmer was born and raised here in Gaffney, South Carolina. She is the CEO of Sexytoyablingythings which is a jewelry business. It consists of different necklaces, bracelets, bangles, apple watch bands, and earrings. Everything is handmade by her and is custom made to your liking.  

Some background to know about her and the business is that she started 2019 right before the pandemic. Latoya has always been inspired by jewelry as a young girl. She says ‘’ I love wearing earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and a lot of rings.” Latoya likes different styles of jewelry, so she decided to start making her own. She watched a lot of videos for inspiration and to help to find whatever she was making. That is when she fell in love with making jewelry. At first, she started off with just making earrings and custom bangles. Then she moved on to making apple band watches. More people started to ask if she could make jewelry for them, and they also encouraged her, and the business was starting to do well. Latoya did have some hiccups along the way. Finding venders started to become a struggle. Trying to get supplies in bulk became much harder because material was pricey, and orders were coming in. When COVID hit business start declining and she felt as if she was putting in more than she was getting out. Things did change around during the holidays, graduations, and weddings. 

Most supplies that she uses are from Amazon, Walmart, Michael’s, flea markets, and anywhere that sells jewelry making material. The YouTube videos that she watches tell her where they ordered their supplies, so she would do the same. For basic beaded bracelets she uses beads of your choice and elastic string. Latoya says that you should” make sure that you have the right measurements, so that the bracelet fits right to the person’s wrist.” To make sure the beads don’t fall off she ties a surgeon’s knot. To hide the knot, she places it inside one of the beads. After that, charms can be added if you like.

If you’re looking for a gift to get your family, significant other, or friend then Latoya is the right person to go to. She is still taking orders which range to chains, bangles, apple watch bands, and more. Most can include charms or blinged out pictures. You contact her on Instagram @sexytoyablingythingsllc to have your wrist, neck, and ears blinged out.