Teacher of the week: Coach Ramsey


Za'Riah Smith, Staff Writer

Announcing for the Indian Post, the Teacher of the Week for the 22-23 Academic School Year is, Coach Jessica Ramsey. Coach Ramsey is a true kid at heart, she loves to have fun and she is always trying to make others laugh and smile. She said Gaffney High School is the School of Champions. We have graduates across the world spreading values that they learned right inside our walls. There is a place for everyone at GHS and GHS is a place that helps people realize where they fit in the world. Coach Ramsey is remarkably familiar with the district, she grew up in Gaffney, so she has been a part of CCSD for most of her life. Coach Ramsey loves competition, she is extremely passionate about the fact that movement and physical activity help with mental and emotional health, and she played a sport collegiately. The character traits she values the most are things the gym teachers teach every day in the gym, things like teamwork, communication, respect, etc. “you cannot be successful in competition and gameplay without being willing to put effort into being better at those things.” Her strengths are that she has a positive view of the world and that she tends to always see the good in people. She approaches and treats everyone with respect and love the uniqueness that individuals bring to the world. She overcomes challenges by asking for help from people who she trusts to give her solid advice and then trying to implement that advice to help her solve the problem. She also tries to realize that failure is how we grow, so if she is never failing, she is never growing. For professional development they meet as a department with PE teachers from other schools in the district, plan, and pace their curriculum for the school year. They also take classes to become certified to teach new things, like archery or disc golf, so that they can bring new activities to their students each year. Coach Ramsey hopes to make her students feel like someone genuinely cares about them and is invested in their success. She does not think too much about her future, she tries to live in the moment and focus on what she has now.