My High School Experience

Shyanne Senchantixay , Staff Writer

My high school experience at Gaffney High has been good. My freshmen year was an eye opener, I was at a new school and new building. It was a lot of fun. I loved Mrs. Linda Fair. She was my favorite math teacher. If you needed help, she was right there with you until you got it. That’s one of the things I looked forward to. The whole school year was great but I had a lot of trouble in school paying attention and just listening to the teacher sometimes. The school year ended and I had an amazing summer but I was not ready to come back, because I knew I was going up a grade. My 10th grade was bad at first because life was not in my favor at that time and it was just a lot at that time. Second semester was a blast. My teachers were the best and didn’t fail me. My 11th grade year, a lot of things have changed. This year, students are wearing IDs and the dress code is being enforced. This creates identification among students and structure. The teachers are still amazing and it’s only the 2nd week of school. Proud to be a Gaffney Indian!