Why Ken Block is an American Hero

Why Ken Block is an American Hero

Dylan Patton, Staff Writer

Ken Block, an entrepreneur and rally driver, is an example of American’s obsession with cars and business, and should be looked up to for generations to come. Ken Block represents everything young male Americans dream about: speed and money.

Block was the co-founder of DC Shoes, alongside Rob Dyrdek, and later started his own company, Hoonigan Industries. Hoonigan Industries focuses on motorsports apparel, and creates performance cars that Block uses for rally racing and just generally things that cars shouldn’t be able to do.

Ken Block’s rally career has also had a long and successful run, and anyone who knows anything about rally knows that that is no easy feat. Block started his career in 2005 with a Subaru WRX STi, and took home the American Rally Rookie of the Year award. He stayed with Subaru until 2010, when he joined with Ford, who he is still with to this day.

Perhaps Block’s most entertaining achievements are the various YouTube videos he created to promote DC Shoes, Hoonigan, and various other sponsors. His 2009 video, Gymkhana 2, was the most viewed video of 2009, and sold many DC Shoes as a result.  He uses his own custom-built cars in these videos, most of them being Fords. The most impressive car so far is his 1965 Mustang with a twin-turbo and 1,400 horsepower. It is also the first all-wheel drive performance Mustang. He also has a Ford Focus and Fiesta, which are all-wheel drive.

Ken Block’s dedication, entrepreneurship, and ability with a car is not only impressive, but also inspiring. Ken Block, like the American racing legends and entrepreneurs before him, should be hailed as an American hero.