And the Oscar goes to…


Sara Swayngim, Staff Writer

On March 1, over 400 people attended the KNOW(2) banquet to honor the founder of KNOW(2), Oscar Fuller. The fourth annual banquet gave the attendees the opportunity to donate to KNOW(2) to help push for education and a better  Cherokee County. Guests dressed up for this “Night at the Oscars,” hosted by Julia Fowler, and enjoyed entertainment by many local musicians, including Gaffney High School’s Will Shehan, and watched as 5 volunteers were presented with their Oscars. Each of the winners won a trophy that replicated the Oscars given to the celebrities at the Academy Awards. The winners of the fourth annual KNOW(2) “A Night at the Oscars,” were Elizabeth Ivey, Lisa Hannon, Kimberly Jones, Joey Gault, and Madisyn McCullough.

Elizabeth Ivey was an educator in Cherokee County for over 30 years. She was presented the Oscar Fuller Legacy reward for being so involved in education and for being a long time volunteer in Cherokee County.

Lisa Hannon and Joey Gault took home Oscars for best supporting actor/actress. Hannon, the director of adult education in Cherokee County, was presented with the Tricia Pederson Best Supporting Actress Award for her hard work in the education system. Gault received an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Gault helps out with Junior Leadership and is on the Chamber of Commerce Board.

Lastly, two students, one from Gaffney High and one from Blacksburg High, brought home the KNOW(2) Rising Star award. This award is presented to students who are hard-working volunteers who do what they can to serve their community. McCullough started a clothing drive at Gaffney High School, and Jones is a part of the Health Occupational Students of America. These two students stand out from the rest for all of their dedication to community service.

Heather Swayngim was also announced as the new KNOW(2) executive director at the banquet. Swayngim has been with KNOW(2) for a year now and has stepped up to the plate to take on the duty of executive director. She is excited to see how Cherokee County continues to grow and improve through the next few years.

It was night full of honoring those who spend their time trying to better our community. The KNOW(2) banquet was a success and shows that Cherokee County is full of people who are willing to lend a hand to help their neighbors.