Angel West, Staff Writer

Excited, ecstatic, relieved, joyful, overwhelmed…All of these feelings were rushing through my body as I opened the huge white envelope with Converse College scrolled across the top. For three months, I have been waiting to hear back from Converse because it is one of my top three choices for a future education. The anticipation was getting to be unbearable, and I had almost given up my dream of going, until I came home from work one night to find the envelope on my bed.

I was in shock that I had heard anything back from Converse; I feel as though I am not the smartest to get into such a prestigious school. I immediately ran into the living room to ask my mom if she thought it was my acceptance letter; she only told me to open it and find out. I couldn’t bear to wait anymore so I ripped off the top and pulled out this royal purple packet that said “Congratulations, You’re In!” It took everything I had not to cry the happiest of tears; I had been accepted into the school of my dreams. I knew that even if I got any other acceptance letters, I would be completely biased about them. Converse College has a stupendous sisterhood program that I am thrilled to be a part of.  Big sis/Lil sis will probably be my favorite memory I get from Converse – that is until freshman pinning comes around, and it will symbol my first year of college completion. Being accepted is one of my biggest accomplishments so far in my life. August 2018 cannot come any faster for me. Although, it is only in Spartanburg, it will be a new start to a new journey away from home.