Madisyn’s Clothes Closet


Angel West, Staff Writer

What is change? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, change is “to make different in some particular.” Which is exactly what a Gaffney High School Senior is trying to do. Madisyn McCullough is a member of the Junior Ambassadors, through the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce, but she wants to make a difference on her own. Being one of Mrs. Tindall’s Environmental Science students, she has embraced the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) while also doing a good deed for our community.

After high school, Madisyn wants to go to college to be a social worker. McCullough states that, “Why go into social work, when you have no idea what social work brings?”, so Madisyn makes occasional visits to the children’s home here in Gaffney. Madisyn and her mother went to help sort through clothes for the children, but usually most of the clothes they sorted through had to be thrown away because they have holes, stains, or they were too big/small. Madisyn thought that she could find a way to help her community, so she talked to Mrs. Tindall about getting it approved by Dr. Fitzpatrick. Madisyn contemplated for several days before she walked up to Dr. Fitzpatrick and explained what her project was. He thought it sounded like a good idea and told her to type something up and send it to him. Once she sent it, it only took a day or two for Dr. Fitzpatrick to call her down to the office and discuss whether he would allow students to contribute to her plan or not. Madisyn stated that “The five minutes it took for him to get to the conference room felt like forever,” but when he finally got there, he approved the plan.

Madisyn plans to put totes for drop off clothes in the 9th grade building as well as the main building. Many businesses around Gaffney have agreed to be drop off sites as well, such as Palmetto Spa, Gaffney Financial, Hairspray Salon, Vic’s Tires, and VFW. Her church family has also agreed to donate any unwanted, gently used clothing. McCullough plans to talk to Mrs. Montgomery in the office to see if she can announce the clothes closet in the mornings and afternoons.

Anyone can get behind this project. You can take from your closet, and give to your community. Here is what she needs to get started on the project.

  • Gently used clothing (especially sizes child 8 – adult 16/18)*
  • Boy and girls socks all sizes (new please)
  • Boys underwear (all sizes) (new please)
  • Girls underwear and bras (all sizes) (new please)
  • Feminine products
  • Personal hygiene products (shampoo, soap, toothbrush… etc.)
  • Shoes- any gender, age, size*
  • Car seats or booster seats (new or like-new condition)
  • Diapers- all sizes
  • Pull-up toddler training underwear- all sizes, especially larger sizes
  • Baby blankets*
  • Tote bags to carry stuff in

*Please ensure that all donated clothing and blankets have been washed