The Real MVP

The Real MVP

Cassie Martin , staff writer

This is the time of the year where elementary teachers are telling their students to pull out a piece of paper and write about the person they are most thankful for. Well, I have decided to do just that. Of course, this one will be better than my fifth grade essay about the same person because let’s be honest: my eleven-year-old self was about as good as a writer as a rock was.
The person I am most thankful for is, of course, my lovely mother. My mother is the one who picks me up when I stumble and fall. She is the one who lifts my head when it is lying on my knees. My mother is my shoulder to cry on, my one true friend I know will never leave me, and above all, she is my world. I have no earthly idea where Cassie Elaina Martin, better known as me, would be without my mother. She is the person that a never told I could not do something. She is the person who always told me that my best is good enough her. My mother is the biggest inspiration in making the grades that I do. She tells me my photography is the best she has ever seen, even if it is a boring picture of a dull, gray rock. She is the person that never fails to make me laugh until I cannot breathe. My mother is the person who feeds my Starbucks addiction, and Lord knows how many rants she has heard about Greek mythology and how crappy the world’s animals are treated. My mother is the only person who will truly have my whole heart, beating or not.

My mother is the only person I know that only sees her kids. She may work, and she may do other things I do not know about, but when it comes to her kids, everything else disappears. She holds us to her highest priority. I would even go to the length to say that she even puts us on a pedestal to show us off to the world. My brother, sister, and I are the light of her world, and with us, her shadows fall behind. Give her a chance, and she will brag about us until our ears are red, and we can barely handle being in the room. My mother will sacrifice everything in order for her children to not have to feel what it is like to now go without. She also is willing to beat up anyone who may cross us. What more can I ask for in a mother?

How many people can say that they have a mother as supportive as my mother? To me, she is a one of a kind, and no one can replace her. Sadly, one day I will leave her to go to college and chase the dreams she told me to catch, and her heart will be torn. Torn between the child shooting for the stars, or the children and grandchildren saying at home and settling. This will make her heart splinter, and my heart crack. She will also leave me one day. As she takes her last breath, my heart will shatter. It will shatter with the weight of all these thankful memories I have of her flooding back into my mind. When that day comes, I do not even want to think about it.

Not many people can say this, but the one person I am thankful for is my mother, Lynn Martin. This is the only thing I can truly say without a doubt. We may fuss and fight, but I will always know that she has my best intentions at heart. Mom, you are the real MVP.