Fresh 2022 Movie Review

Fresh 2022 Movie Review

Emily Martinez, Staff Writer

Starring Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones this is a thriller that will make you want to take a bite. The story follows a young woman named Noa (Daisy Jones) on a journey of online dating.  Online dating is going terribly for this woman until she meets a charismatic, and attractive man by the name of Steve (Sebastian Stan). They met in a grocery store and had instant chemistry. By the end of the interaction, Steve walked away with Noa’s number.  They went on multiple dates, from going to a bar and her house so when he asked to take her on a trip, there was no hesitation.

She was told the day of the trip they would stay at his place, that was on the way, since traffic was bad and he did not want to drive through that. Again, she agreed. Once they arrive at his place Noa is taken aback from the wide and spacious house, Steve said he was a plastic surgeon; good money.

As the night wines down Steve offers Noa a drink he mixed himself. He wanted her to guess the flavor, so she took multiple sips. Soon her vision blurs and she goes limp.

She wakes up, chained, and scared for her life. Steve informs her that he kidnaps, cuts up, sells, and eats women that he lures into his house. Yet, this cannibal still has a sense of humor and charm to him.

Noa asks to take a shower and Steve agrees. He keeps an eye on her as they walk. Noa suddenly starts to kick and squirm away from Steve. Of course she didn’t win the battle since Steve easily over powered her. Soon Noa wakes up once again confused.

She soon realizes that Steve is performing surgery on her, he is removing her buttocks. She is told this is her punishment for trying to run away. She is heavily drugged so she closed her eyes once again and drifted off.

She is taken back to the room she was chained up in and is told to heal up. This room contains a toilet, sink, and a cot to sleep on. As she sits in this room, she soon realizes that there are other victims that are still alive in the wall beside her. As she talks to the girl right beside her, they soon realize Noa has an advantage that the others don’t. Noa slept with Steve on a date before, which none of the others have done. Noa decides to play the role of “stockholm syndrome” and pretends to fall in love with Steve. She even goes as far as to go on dinner dates were they would both eat human meat that Steve cooked. Unbeknownst to Noa, Steve has also kidnapped Noa’s best friend that was looking for her. Steve shows Noa the items he collects from his victims and she sees her friend’s phone in his collection. This gave her even more of a drive to get out.

Noa soon seduces Steve to let his guard down, but when his guard was down, something else was up. Noa takes her chance and bites down as hard as possible. She runs away to free the victim right beside her and her best friend.

They all fight Steve and eventually Noa shoots him right between the eyes. He’s dead.

All three have to fight Steve’s wife, which was another victim of his. When both are dead, the trio are seen looking for a way out and the camera fades to black.

This movie will make your stomach twist. The visuals and sounds of the meat make you never want to eat meat again. Daisy Edgar-Jones played a strong female lead and conveyed the true feeling of anxiety. She did a great job of having chemistry with Sebastian even when Noa was just trying to make it out alive.

I think the film also did a great job of doubling as a cautionary tale. To be careful with the kind of information you put out to new people, and even show some techniques they may use to drug you.

Fresh even got 81 percent from rotten tomatoes. And I think Fresh will continue to be enjoyed by others.