The Batman Movie Review

The Batman Movie Review

Kylie McAllister, Editor-in-Chief

This weekend I went to see Robert Pattinson as the Batman in the newest  DC thriller. Please be warned that this review contains spoilers and I highly recommend that everyone go see it because I promise this movie will have you on edge.

Grossing over 400 million in the box office since it’s release on March 4, 2022, The Batman is a must see. With a astounding 2 hour and 56 minute running time the movie is packed with twists and turns and a inside into the life of Bruce Wayne, or the Batman.

The movie takes place in Gotham city and focuses on main character Bruce Wayne, a wealthy orphan who we later finds lives a life of lies. Bruce Wayne takes on the persona of The Batman, a crime fighting bat person who stays out all night ensuring those criminals who see the bat signal stop committing crimes and fear him. The movie starts off with seeing the Bat Signal casted into the sky and a multitude of people committing crimes run in fear thinking they are the ones being targeted by Batman, but in reality it is a group of gang members about to jump a innocent man in the subway. We see that Batman is gracious as he releases a young kid who was affiliated with the gang, but it was obvious he did not want to participate.

The movie is a great show into Bruce Wayne’s past and how he lost his parents and we even find out that though they seemed like such people, they were still tied up in some corruption. Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of the Batman did have me a bit skeptical at first because then again how does one go from a cheesy romance movie about vampires to a mysterious and dark superhero, but his acting and range truly is to be admired. He took on the role so incredibly well and gave Batman the true dark and brooding mystery that made the whole movie. My only not so raving review is that Batman did sacrifice quite a few lives to get to the Riddler, I like how realistic it is that Batman can’t save everyone, but I did not expect so many people to pretty much die in the movie. We are left just assuming that thousands of lives of those living in Gotham City were lost and I think that if they just leave it like that and don’t build on it and use it as character development for Batman then it was just a sad waste of time.

Another thing that I am not too fond of is just a assumption, at the end of the movie the Riddler blows up the sea walls and the city floods and then at the very end of the movie we hear him talking to someone in the Arkham Asylum who is immediately recognizable as the Joker. Played by Barry Keoghan, I think that the Joker might be being introduced far too early in the movies. With the city being flooded, it is a perfect place for Killer Croc to find his way into the Batman movies and the Joker being the real archnemisis of Batman I think his movie should be the final or one of the last ones of this series. Having Killer Croc loose in the flooded recovering city has the potential to be action packed and many Batman/DC lovers would love to see this because there isn’t much about the Killer Croc in any Batman or DC movies other than Lego Batman and Suicide Squad and they have perfectly set themselves up for a movie with him. I would happily watch a Killer Croc movie and regardless if he is the villain of the next movie or not, I am hoping that the Joker can hold off and build suspense for awhile, keeping a cameo or two would be great but I think once they do the Joker there isn’t much more beyond that and would end this era of the Rob P Batman fairly quickly, which I do not think would be the best decision.

Zoe Kravitz as catwoman was truly a A+ performance. I have seen many skeptical reviews, but I think she portrayed the independence of catwoman very good but I wish there could have been a little bit more development from Batman and Catwoman as a team. They did work very well together in the scenes that they were fighting, but their ending did leave me wanting more from them. I did absolutely love Zoe Kravitz and Robert Pattinson were incredibly good in my opinion.

Paul Dano played a incredible Riddler. I loved how I previously loved Paul Dano but his performance in this movie was so incredible I was hating him! The Penguin was a little bit of a surprise for me because he has never been a mobster but personally I do like it. Many have mixed reviews about this, but I loved the villain stories and they were very intriguing .

While this movie has quite the running time, its action packed and besides the beginning it goes by extremely quickly. Robert Pattinsons and Zoe Kravitz gave some of the best performances and I would recommend it to anyone!