GHS Takes on Two-sday!


Banner welcoming students on Twosday!

Kylie McAllister, Editor-in-Chief

Mrs. Montgomery and Mrs. Neal from the office as peanut butter and jelly!

Today’s date is February 22, 2o22, or 2/22/22! This just so happens to fall on a Tuesday! That is a lot of two’s so in honor of how coincidental it is Gaffney High School did a Two-sday! They encouraged everyone to dress up as duos and you can find a large banner greeting you with an assortment of 2’s all over it! Such a wonderful way to boost morale and have a fun dress-up day for students and staff!

If you have any pictures of you or your duo please send them to Mrs. Holly Rice at [email protected]

Mrs. Frye and Mrs. Bolin teaching on a Twosday!
Mrs. Bedford and Dr. Brooks in the Foreign Language pod as Salt and Pepper!