Tik Tok Self Care


Video called “Self Care Saturday” posted by Tik Tok user @rachelrigler.

Emily Martinez, Staff Writer

Social media is an important part of how people this age connect. Since Coronavirus started, people have found themselves stuck inside more than ever. Social media was the only comfort for those struggling with being alone. Due to the quarantine, mental health was more important than ever. Social media shed a light on mental health like no one has seen before.

Despite this we know that if there is one thing social media loves, its trends. Social media app, Tik Tok, had started a “self care” trend among people. People loved it and shared their own self care tips and tricks. Now I want to review these self care tips and see if these would ever become part of my daily routine.

1) A big trend I see is body scrubs. These range from expensive to d.i.y scrubs. The reason behind this trend is the smooth feeling left behind by these scrubs. And taking the extra time to add this to your shower routine might make someone feel more “de-stressed”. For $10 dollars a scrub that lasts for two weeks, and a scent that gets washed off isn’t something I find worth the trouble and is a no for me.

2)  Shaving your face. Girls were showing how to properly shave your face for the purposes of self care. This is intended for a smooth make-up application and better skin health. This is done with an eyebrow razor and aloe vera gel. The focus on this trend however started because of the similarity to Derma-planing. Derma-planing is a skin treatment that uses a blade to remove dead skins cells and hair from your face. This is done by a professional and can cost up to $250 dollars per session. This was a way for women to feel expensive without having to spend so much money. And only $3 dollars for 3 razors, I would say it is worth it.

These trends follow a pattern of just taking more time for yourself. Making sure you feel and look good which everyone wants. Self care is much more than taking longer in the shower but we can all start from somewhere.