New Discipline Code


Kikiyuhna Martin, Staff Writer

As you all may know, the school has established a new discipline code since an increase in students have found themselves in trouble this school year. One of the reasons is due to a large number of fights between students on Gaffney High School’s campus. The new discipline code for fighting is that after one fight the student(s) could be recommended for expulsion. The Superintendent will then decide if the student(s)  in question will get a 5 day suspension or expulsion. If it can be proven that one student in the altercation was defending themselves and not the one provoking the altercation, then they will be exempted from the discipline. In my opinion, this is fair because I’ve seen many students get expelled for a fight they didn’t cause and the expulsion has caused them to get behind in classes. The other discipline code refers to drugs and alcohol, mostly because many students have been caught with these things. The code explains that the superintendent reserves the right to return the student to school on probation instead of expulsion, if the student and the parent agree to a district approved drug and alcohol program. The program will be ran by Cherokee County District Drug and Alcohol representatives and the students will be randomly tested at least twice while taking part in the program. If the student or students in the program for some reason were to not meet the requirements of the program, they would automatically be recommended for expulsion. Drug distribution would not qualify, if a student is found guilty of distributing drugs they will get automatically get expelled. The superintendent also decides if you’re eligible for the program, and while in the program and on probation the student will not be allowed for after school extracurricular activities like sports and clubs. Every student has received the form for their parent or guardian to sign, and students have two weeks or less to turn in those forms. If the form is not turned in the school will call parents and after that the student can get sent to ISS (in school suspension) until the form is turned in. So, students be sure to turn in your forms.