Former NFL player Zac Stacy Arrested After Attack on Ex-Girlfriend

Brittney Tarlton , Staff Writer

On November 18th, 2021 former NFL player Zac Stacy was arrested for allegedly attacking his girlfriend. Orlando police department took Stacy into custody after an arrest warrant was issued in Oakland, Florida. Stacy was arrested Thursday night at Orlando international airport as he exited an inbound fight from Nashville, Orlando police spokeswoman Heidi Rodriguez said in statement. according to the arrest warrant, police responded to a home in Oakland, Florida on November 13th,2021 in response to a domestic disturbance. when officers arrived, they found the victim to be  “emotionally distraught”  wearing a torn shirt with food in her hair, the warrant stated. police also stated in the warrant that they observed a television had been knocked over after the perpetrator threw the victim into it. graphic video shows the man who the police identifies as Stacy, striking the woman multiple times then picking her up and tossing her into a television, causing it to fall on top of her. The woman is heard on the video pleading with Stacy to stop. Stacy is also seen violently throwing the victim into a baby walker on the ground before he walks out of the home.