The X-Files: Should or Shouldn’t Watch!

The X-Files: Should or Shouldnt Watch!

Shon Ponder, Staff Writer

The X-Files; a 1993 sci-fi show depicts the life work of two FBI agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. While Dana is originally sent to The X-Files to discredit the work that Mulder works upon she falls into a loop where her belief in natural science is tested and she is forced to open her eyes to the possibility of the supernatural and phenomena outside of the present belief. It tests her ability to trust and believe in something that isn’t within her to do. Mulder, her now partner works on not gaining her trust like most would but works on giving her a sense of proof that their work is not in vein and that the supernatural can be an answer to events with no natural explanation. While the show does depict murders, and cases of everyday homicides it also plays into epidemics, and the spread of viruses as well as parasites. The story is not a love story although it can definitely be said in later events that it could, but rather a story of injustice and proving that the common folk is blinded by what actually occurs in life and that those who are said to protect these people are actually harming the livelihood of the people by hiding the real world from them. Any one who is in love with the science based world and loves stories with no end in sight would love this story and would watch all 11 seasons. While a rather lengthy watch, it definitely is worth the while.